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Yangxin company will continue to "lead the future with technology, innovate the world with quality" and work toward a strategic goal
"A brand with competition making large precision plastic injection molding machine"

Overall strategy

Rapidly developing the international strategy and increasing overseas investment cooperation, we will continuing effort with innovation toward "competitive advantages of injection molding machine"

Overall development

According to the operation strategy "overall planning and step-by-step implementation", it covers the whole process of injection molding machine development,manufacturing bases construction and asset operation. With the steady improvement , it can realize the continuous improvement of enterprise operating efficiency.

Regional distribution

At domestic market, yangxin has established its sales network in the east China ,south China and other first-tier cities At overseas market , set up sales network in some of developing countries, such as South Africa, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines, in more than 10 countries. They are the foundations for business expansion to gradually developed into other countries.

Industrial Distribution

Specializing in the injection molding machine manufacturing industry, we will consolidate the existing industrial chain, steadily expand the processing equipment investment. Efforts to set up technical service centers in developing countries to become a world-class enterprise and realizes our global operation strategy.

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