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Build civilization, Contributing to society
Yangxin always adheres to the mission of “building civilization and contributing to society”, caring for the disadvantaged groups of the society, and caring for the growth of poor students.
Since 2006, Yangxin Scholarship has been set up to provide a bridge to knowledge for students with poor family and excellent academic performance. It also reserves excellent talents for casting “100-year-old Yangxin”. Currently, we have successfully funded a number of students to complete higher education. Students in school can apply to us through self-recommendation or school recommendation.
Employee Care
We care for our employees as family members and care for every important moment in your life. Family day, lunch communication, satisfaction survey and other diversified communication methods are only for you and me to work together.
Customer Relations
We value and listen to our guests and respond positively to our guests. We hope to understand the satisfaction of our products and services in our minds through enhanced communication and active care.
Yangxin pays attention to charitable causes and regularly organizes related charitable and charitable activities. Adhere to the mission of "building civilization and contributing to society" and donate money and materials for vulnerable groups.
Environmental Protection
Yangxin integrates the concepts of environmental protection, recycling and regeneration into the project design, providing more users with a green space that is in harmony with nature.
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