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Founded in 2001
Yangxin plastic machinery Co., Ltd.
Huizhou yangxin plastic machinery Co., Ltd. is a specializing in injection molding equipment manufacturer integrating research, development, design, manufacturing, sales and customer service. It is now located in taimei town, boluo county, huizhou, the total land area occupied is nearly 50,000 sq.m .
In the plastic industry, we group the experienced craftsman, engineering elite, sales and after-sales service to successively committed to the packaging materials, automobile parts, household electrical, houseware, medical equipment in thermosetting injection molding machine, two-platen servo motors injection molding machine and multi-color injection molding machine that all have made remarkable achievements in development manufacturing.
Our company's sales and service organizations are distributed around in east China, central China, south China and southeast Asia, providing quick pre-sales consultation for the majority of users and moreover after-sales service and technical support.
the company is striving to develop and improve the multi-color, servo energy-saving injection molding machine and the whole series of two-platen Hydra-Mech injection molding machine, to provide high quality and cost-effective injection molding equipment for the plastic industry.
Adhering to the manufacturing concept of continuous innovation and improvement, we are market-oriented, customer-centric, and service-oriented to strives and help customers create higher profit.

  • 30000+ manufacturing base

  • 60+ employees

  • 8+ patent on technologies

  • 10+ domestic and Foreign service offices
Why choose yangxin plastic machinery

For you, as our customers, our goal is to provide with high quality and reliable plastic injection molding machine to let you have a good experience of injection molding machines then benefit the added value from that.
Yangxin has been continually active in research to development the cutting-edge technology from overseas consultant team, to improve product development ability and reasonable mechanism to establish client-oriented product.
Yangxin has been strictly carry out the Chinese CCC certification requirements, ISO9001 quality standards, FDA, NSF,and GS.
In order to get all parts come from reliable suppliers, Yangxin has established a strict supplier selection function to evaluate their criteria, not only domestic but also overseas.

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Company philosophy

Innovation--with innovative design, show out the opportunities in the infinite future
Mechanization--creating the benefit of investors with labor-saving ideas
Rationalization--with the realistic experience of customers, preform an appreciated production process system


Enterprise colleagues

To create excellent quality and technological innovation
Precise management beyond our customers expectation

Corporate mission

Technological innovation
Let the world trust the quality of "made in China”


Enterprise vision

Become a respected company


Core values

Respect, innovation, practice and gratitude


Quality policy

Excellent quality pursuit of technological innovation
Scientific management exceeds customer’s expectations


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